Nicolas Chuaqui

Antagonism Constellation Factory (2013)

Stereo fixed media

Duration: 5:33

In this electronic piece I used the temporal aspect of the material to create contrast; instead of transforming the material over the course of the piece, I tried to make the sounds stay largely the same and build the piece out of the subtleties of the relationship between them. The opening section puts sounds that seemingly have little in common in close proximity; the relationship is not developed, and instead a contrasting section begins, which soon ends up combining with the opening sounds. The resolution of this section is not what would be expected, and instead the sounds are finally transformed into something new; this, however, is short-lived. In a manner similar to Varèse’s Poème électronique, the piece focuses on the unexpected, and creates an evocative narrative through the juxtaposition of material; Antagonism Constellation Factory presents this narrative in a terse and sometimes antagonistic fashion.

Past presentations:

- June 4, 2014: New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2014, Concert 11. Abrons Art Center, New York City, NY.

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